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How to Be Successful in Real Estate: 7 Tips We've Learned in 35 Years

Mar 9, 2017 12:19:15 PM / by Lori Reinalda

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After 35-years we’ve seen it all. We’ve worked through technological shifts. We’ve seen some horrible design choices. We’ve endured through many market swings. And we continue to find our way through the natural ebbs and flows of the real estate industry. Whether you’re brand new to the field or a seasoned pro, we’ve rounded up our top seven tips that we’ve found to be successful in real estate that are sure to stand the test of time.

1. Put your Clients’ Needs First

This might seem like common sense, but it’s essential to succeed. With each and every decision, your clients’ needs should come first. As a real estate agent, it is your job to determine what is important to the buyer or seller and proactively look out for their best interests.

No matter your schedule, it’s important to always be available and take care of your clients even after they close. You’ve become a trusted friend throughout the moving process. Relationships are the foundation of your business. The little details and personal connections are what will increase referrals and build your business.

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2. Prepare for an Emotional Process

The real estate industry is emotional. Things rarely go as planned for all parties involved. Being confident in your skills as a real estate agent, preparing yourself for any situation, and always being empathetic will help build trust and reassurance with your clients.

3. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

The right amount of communication is another obvious, yet overlooked skill that can set you apart as a real estate agent. Actions like responding to emails right away (even if it’s just to tell someone you’re working on a complete answer), and following up on each and every lead indicate that you’re on top of it. Communication is the number one way to combat confusion and solve problems before they even begin.

4. Stay Organized

The only way to grow your business is to stay organized. Develop a system, find software, and figure out what works for you to help you stay on top of each and every detail. As a real estate agent, you can't predict a busy time before it happens. If you’re organized, you’ll be able to handle each request and deadline with ease, and your business will expand.

5. Be Aware of your Strengths and Weaknesses

As you set business goals and strategies, don’t forget to focus on your strengths and weaknesses. It’s impossible to be good at or have time for everything. It’s just as important to figure out your weaknesses as it is to acknowledge your strengths. Focus on your strengths and figure out a system to delegate your weaknesses.

6. Keep up on Technology

Even if you have a set system that’s been working for years, be open to technological changes and experiment. Keeping up on the latest trends with technology doesn’t have to be something you dedicate tons of time to, but doing some research on new systems or software that can help grow your business or assist with your repetitive tasks can do wonders for your process.

7. Set Aside Time to be Positive.  

There are enough hurdles in business without our negativity.  Surround yourself with positive people, positive art, and ground yourself in staying balanced!

Being a real estate agent is a fun and rewarding profession, but like anything, it comes with challenges. Staying client-focused and going above and beyond as you help people navigate through the exciting and stressful time of buying and selling will set you apart as an agent and build your business. Before long, you’ll be able to share your tips for being successful in the industry!


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